Saturday, August 24, 2019

Will come Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Will come - Essay Example Dean Black wood represented Revenant Records and was relevant in deriving fundamental information about phantoms project (Sullivan 274). Moreover, John Jeremiah Sullivan conducted various interviews on the dynamics of music and artists. Indeed, Sullivan interviewed Gayle Dean Wardlow about Booker Miller. Apparently, the interview helped Sullivan to understand prewar. Notably, Booker Miller derived fundamental authority since he was a prewar player (Sullivan 276). Moreover, the interview helped Sullivan to connect with Charley Patton since Booker Miller had an apprenticeship with Charley Patton (Sullivan 276). John Jeremiah Sullivan also used readings to research about music, artists, and music scholars. He quoted the works of Robert Palmer who referred to rock n’ roll music as deep blues. The research helped Sullivan to establish how rock n’ roll music became dominant among the youth across the globe (Sullivan 275). John Jeremiah Sullivan also referred to the works of Wald who helped the author to analyze Robert Johnson and his music. Through Wald, Sullivan derives how, when, and the types of songs played by Robert Johnson in different occasions (Sullivan 269). The research methods and sources used by Sullivan were fundamental in understanding the origin of different genres of music. Apparently, the essay was relevant as a story ab out

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